Broccoli bites

awoftam, Jul 26, 6:59am
Ohh they look very nice.

awoftam, Jul 26, 7:25am

dibble35, Jul 27, 5:24am
Im going to make the Broccoli Empanadas on this page, they look yummy. I usually feed my dog the broccoli stalk - or at least some of it as he loves it, but will try this instead, even the broccoli stalk pesto looks interesting

awoftam, Jul 27, 6:35am
I eat the stalk; I just cut the tough outer layer away; its yum! People have asked me what the lovely round green vege is they are eating in their meal.

dibble35, Aug 6, 5:24am
Well the broccoli empanadas were lovely, I wont be throwing the stalk away again. I'm trying to make beef empandas tonight. Dough is in the fridge chilling, made the filling yesterday. Just have to assemble them. Hope they taste lovely to

juliewn, Aug 6, 11:02am

cottagerose, Jul 24, 3:34am
Does anyone have a recipe for these please. I've googled it but don't know whether to use potatoes or flour as there are so many to choose from.

wildflower, Jan 10, 2:16am I haven't tried them yet but I will, they look good.

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