Cream Cheese and Pineapple Dip. Help!

rusty-bones, Dec 24, 7:47am
I lost my recipe of this a couple of years ago and last years one I guessed it and it wasn't that nice. The kid's have just reminded me to make sure I bring it.
It has Cream Cheese, Crushed Pineapple (no Juice) and grated cheese. I can't remember the amount of each. But the bit I am more worried about is it has the Cream of Chicken Maggii Soup Packet in it. And I think last year I added to much. I googled the recipe and there's heaps of similar but not the maggii soup one, and that's the only one they all like, because it's tradition for us. It then gets rolled into a ball or I do a long tube, sprinkle sesame seed's over it and wrap in gladwrap and fridge it. So yummy with Snax. Does anyone know this recipe?

harrislucinda, Nov 13, 7:15am
not the same but i just made a fruit log with cream cheese sour cream and fruits log rolled in nuts Yours sound interesting

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