Beef in milk.

korbo, Feb 3, 2:27am
Went to a Thai restaurant the other night, and commented on how tender the beef in the dish was.
Waitress said they marinade it in milk.
Couldnt tell us any more, so now wondering if it was done overnight, or slow cooked for many hours.
At another rest. asked the same question, about the beef Massaman, and she said . cooked slowly for very very long time.
Now I am confused.

oh_hunnihunni, Feb 3, 2:36am
All you need to do is add milk to any beef recipe - steeping or otherwise. It's like coating chicken with egg - a chemical magic takes place that makes the meat tender and juicy. A slosh into ordinary mince transforms it - try it and see.

it does however break some dietary rules, kosher for instance, so if that is important, bear it in mind.

tinkagirl, Feb 3, 3:25am
also buttermilk will tenderize it

daarhn, Feb 3, 6:35am
so will kiwifruit juice or slices

smallwoods, Feb 3, 9:50am
Yogurt, pineapple pulp, lemon juice, coconut milk
All work.
1st two are my main ones.
lemon juice in marinades
slow cooking in coconut milk

wheelz, Feb 3, 10:53am

lilyfield, Feb 3, 8:14pm
Or tree tomatoes

daarhn, Oct 28, 7:40am
Tamarilloes. I have couple huge pots growing outside bedroom window. Their tomatoes/eggs hanging getting bigger.

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