What was the secret ingredient in close up scones?

johne21, May 12, 12:58am
Anyone watch close up last night it had Master chef's mother on making these YUM cheese scones, she mention that they had a secret ingredient in them , which wouldn't say what it was. Anyone got any idea's on what it could be? They looked yum! !

lulu239, May 12, 1:15am
Are the scones cut or just dropped? They looked yummy.

fifie, May 12, 1:16am
All about it here. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=284488

crystalmoon, May 12, 1:19am
on the left hand side of your screen is a search option, if you put cheese scones in it will bring up a thread I saw yesterday and it has a few suggestions on there, as to what the secret ingredient might be.

margyr, May 12, 2:00am
when asked at the cafe how i made such lovely scones, i used to say that my secret ingredient was that i put my heart and soul and a little bit of my liver into all my cooking;)

elliehen, May 12, 2:05am
Like the heart and soul bit, margyr... not so keen on the liver (Gordon Ramsay puts all his liver into his cooking! )

BTW old cookbooks in my collection have chopped raw liver sandwiches in the section on 'Cooking for Invalids' :)

hezwez, May 12, 2:15am
I'd think the threat of that would be enough to get the invalid scurrying out of bed.

greerg, May 12, 7:42am
My mother used to feed me raw liver as a toddler because the plunket nurse told her to - what was she thinking? She said I liked it but looked rather awful with the blood round my face!

jag5, May 12, 9:36am
I always put a pinch of cayenne pepper in anything I make with cheese. Does wonders.

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