Gluten Free Wraps

rose-murray, Sep 11, 11:34pm
Can anyone recommend GF wraps that don't break up when you roll or wrap them. The ones I have tried so far seem too dry and split when you wrap them around the fillings.

autumnwinds, Sep 12, 12:30am
I haven't got there yet, but there's a gluten-free range, 10 for $3, in Countdown this week. worth a try?

geldof, Sep 12, 12:32am
Give them a spritz with water then either nuke them briefly or wrap in tinfoil and put them in the oven

rose-murray, Sep 12, 1:32am
We don't have a countdown unfortunately

rose-murray, Sep 12, 1:32am
Might try this.

mica3, Sep 12, 4:24am
Gerry"s wraps.
Make nice pizza bases too

norse_westie, Sep 12, 5:52pm
Gerrys wraps are probably the best I have tried, but we don't love them. I have difficulty with rolling them also. A bit of water and a quick microwave help but you have to move fast.

lazkaz, Sep 21, 9:29am
I have tried them but they are so ghastly flavour wise.

rose-murray, Sep 21, 11:05pm
I bought some Gerrys and it does say on the packet that they must be heated before use. I tried one and it was OK (not as nice as normal ones but edible). I think lots of different fillings makes them better.

sarahb5, Dec 23, 6:18pm
Spray cooking oil also works

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