Tamarillos help pleas

This is the first year that I have had tamarillos on the tree.
How do I know when they are ready? Some are dropping like Feijoas , do
I wait until they drop or pick from the tree?
Thanks for your help.
Also any favourite recipes for them

Chef_gina044, Jun 8, 10:06 am

Macerated Tamarillos. place in boiling water for 6 mins then remove the skin and slice into thick slices place in a layer in a dish and sprinkle with brown suagr and a little white sugar repeat in layers and place in fridge overnight. Next day you have a beautiful syrup and lovely fruit.Nice on ice cream or on top of your porridge

Chef_petal1955, Jun 8, 6:10 pm

Sounds yummy this is one to try thank you

Chef_gina044, Jun 8, 8:14 pm

Tamarillo and Raisin Chutney, I make this every year and the family love it.
Edited to add that It is better to use organic raisins.
There are other recipes for Tamarillos here as well, Lois Daish is one of my favourites.

Chef_linette1, Jun 9, 6:17 am

This seems helpful to tell when they are ready to pick.

Chef_linette1, Jun 9, 6:26 am

Thank you I have tamRillo and raisin on the go and it smells wonderful

Chef_gina044, Jun 9, 8:51 am

Hope it turns out well Gina, it always works for me. Your shake of cayenne pepper wasn't too heavy :-).

Chef_linette1, Sep 4, 11:20 am

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