Pork shoulder roast on the bone

pennyo, Feb 4, 1:12am
How long would you cook this for? Google is telling me 15 minutes on 210 degrees and then 45mins per 500g on 150degrees.

That means for my 1.8kg piece, 15 minutes on 210 and then 2hrs 20mins on 150

This seems too long, what do you think?

cgvl, Feb 4, 1:26am
I would probably cook it for 2 hours 30mins at 180C. My Edmonds book which is old says to allow approx. 35mins to 500g @180. Or as a rule of thumb 30 mins to 454g and then 30mins over at 180C.

nauru, Oct 28, 9:06am
30 mins per 500g @ 180C so 1¾-2 hours should be OK. I like to do pork roast in my crockpot these days, it comes out very moist.

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