Vegy water

korbo, Oct 8, 12:03am
I am feeling rather guilty, each time I drain the vegys and tip the water down the sink
Does anyone save it, and if so, what do/can you use it for.
If making a packet gravy, always use the vegy water. Never potato water tho.

buzzy110, Oct 8, 12:09am
You could use less water and sort of steam your vegetables rather than full immersion in water. I only use 2 tablespoons of water in my pots and because there are only two of use I put a variety of different vegetables into the one pot.

Steaming leaves vegetables with much more intense flavours, brighter colours and a much nicer texture. Perhaps you would need to use more water than me but there is very little water to tip out at the end.

hjrtraders, Oct 8, 12:14am
It makes great flavouring for soups. My Mum used to save vege water and freeze it, then use it when she made soup. Reuse it when making bone broths too.

grouch, Oct 12, 8:55am
I save the pea water and drink it. Delicious!

valentino, Oct 12, 7:40pm
I usually steam or stir fry all veges now plus eating raw.

All is a lot nicer and a very interesting thing - You don't need as much !

Just shows how much is wasted by boiling etc.


kirmag, Oct 12, 7:53pm
Great for the garden to help grow more veges.

barbiedoll, Oct 12, 8:17pm
If I remember, I water my pot plants with any vege water after it has cooled down

annies3, Dec 16, 10:40pm
I save the water (stock) and use it in anything which needs moisture such as casserols, stir frys etc, as above I never save potato water, I freeze the stock always labled with type of vegetables and date.
The stock from vegetables contains a lot of the vitamins and minerals so good to use.