Jo Seagar Recipe Needed Pls

darkestangel1, Feb 11, 9:42am
Have you tried your local library - if they didn't have it they often can get it on inter-loan!

darkestangel1, Feb 11, 9:43am
Can anyone else pls help with this request?

korban, Feb 12, 3:32am
Yes I have that book

pickles7, Feb 12, 11:02am
It was nice to see Jo Seagar on TV again the other morning. She was her usual self, full of good humour and gave two nice recipes.

marob2, Feb 14, 12:05am
What channel and time please? Thanks

pickles7, Feb 14, 7:06am
Breakfast on one, within the last 5 days I would think.

johne21, Oct 24, 4:01pm
Does anyone have the Red Velvet Roulade recipe please its out of her new cookbook "Elbows off the table" Many Thanks