Budgeting meals

mitzi502, Aug 29, 4:56am
I would think an ad in your Courier or even Church notice board will get more results than here. Good luck to you.

lazkaz, Aug 29, 5:45am
https://musclefuel.co.nz/ precooked meals delivered to your door and several others do this. Google away.

ruby19, Aug 31, 8:40am
Do you have a group of friends that could go into an agreement that one family or one group cook a meal a night per group, cooking larger portions and sharing?. Even if you all put together avmenu forvthe week.

pauline999, Aug 31, 9:02am
google 'fresh cooked meals delivered in Auckland' there may be something there to suit. I was surprised at how many options there are !

lythande1, Aug 31, 8:03pm
Why don't you do that? Then freeze it in containers.
I used to work 8am to 7:30pm 4 days, so cooked on my days off, and had meals ready for the days I was home late.
Pies, stews etc

jan2242, Aug 31, 9:58pm
I used to do the same as lythande1 cook the weeks meals on Sunday, then had the week to myself. With all the modern gadgets etc it would be so quick to do this now.

wheelz, Dec 31, 12:00pm
Surely the pm worker doesn't just get up and go to work, similarly the am worker doesn't go to bed as soon getting home?!
Take turns at making one meal for both thru the week, one eats once meal is cooked, the other reheats the meal.
When I work lates, I make dinner for partner before I go to work, if you're smart, make double the amount for the next day or to freeze.