New air roaster

vomo2, Jun 7, 6:47am
I have a new air roaster, bought online $149.00 delivered. Today I did a roast chicken, 35 minutes and the end result the most succulent moist chicken ever. One of the 'Best Deals' I've had lately.

kiwiscrapper1, Jun 7, 8:13am
I wondered about them thought it would be good in a caravan, is this the one from TVshop?

vomo2, Jun 8, 5:26am
No not TV shop, Best Deals

samanya, Jun 8, 5:46am
Is an air roaster similar to an air fryer?

harrislucinda, Jun 8, 7:56am
yes different brands call them air roaster or fryer
i brought 1 as well rotisserie chicken is great and chips
no complaints here

vomo2, Jun 8, 8:30am
Cooked the best sirloin steaks ever in it too.

smallwoods, Jun 8, 9:38am
Only get the ones that fit a whole chook though.
Ours does.
It's a "Fry Air"

Our friend went and bought one from NL and only good for chips?

vomo2, Jun 9, 9:10pm
The one I bought rottiseried the chicken.

timturtle, Jun 9, 9:12pm
What’s the name of it ? I can’t find it online. Thanks

timturtle, Jun 12, 5:42am
Hoping for a reply

amm5, Jun 19, 8:43am
I got a sunbeam one, it doesnt have a rottiserie but it is wonderful, did a roast pork in half the time with perfect crackling.

harrislucinda, Jun 19, 10:08am
i brought mine on line $99 come from Aus and does a rottiserie

stoats, Jun 20, 7:09am
bobcat-6 what is the make of your rottiserie

harrislucinda, Aug 22, 3:04am
not sure as just called Kogan from Aus old dick smith

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