uli, May 23, 5:45am
I am not so sure if it is really "cheaper" in electricity use. Especially if you cook things like chicken for 8 hours, which only need 1 hour and a bit in the oven or 10 to 15 minutes in the fry pan for breasts or legs. Check how much your crockpot uses and multiply by the hours and the hourly electricity rate. You might be surprised! (label is usually at bottom of crockpot).

Of course the convenience of a crockpot is great. No constant stirring for rice pudding, makes quince or feijoa paste a dream, but it is not necessarily "cheaper" than a quick stir fry of your chicken or even a roast chicken.

oh_hunnihunni, May 23, 6:44am
I may be addicted to my new tiny slow cooker. The peri peri chicken tonight was a total masterpiece, and I cannot believe how easily last weekends marmalade came together with using it to do the boring bits. I just might be in love.

samanya, May 23, 7:21am
Settle petal!
Slow cookers are great, but 'in love'?
Bless you & enjoy your new toy.

malcovy, May 23, 7:49am
Actually quince paste in the microwave for 20 mins is a dream.

fifie, May 23, 8:45am
Ha ha pleased someone else looooves their slow cooker. Amazing what you can make in them. Enjoy your new gadget.

ruby19, May 23, 9:18am
Oh could you share your recipe for the chicken? Hubby is really not a fan of sliw cooker foods but I still like to try recipes just in case !

calista, May 23, 10:29am
That Woman's Weekly book is ginormous. I thought I might need a wheelbarrow to bring it home, but am thinking of suggesting the library buy it though as I am trying to budget, (trying being the operative word. I must go and read the wonderful budget thread again).

herself, May 23, 11:56pm

oh_hunnihunni, May 24, 7:48am
I cheated. Peri peri marinated chicken drums (New World, on special) laid atop halved pickling sized onions, sliced red pepper, shredded silverbeet, and a nice young leek (all garden stuff), with a 'stock' made of boiling water, big spoonful of yesterdays punkin soup (homemade, spicy) dollop of crushed ginger, same of crushed garlic, black pepper, midge of salt. Lid on, high for two hours, low for another two. Served atop smashed potatoes with a green salad. Deeply yum comfort food.
I pulled the other drums out today to shred, and lifted the fat off the jellied stock. Should make very good soup with some minor vegie additions. So, that's four maybe five decent sized meals for very little input. She's a wee treasure that crockpot. I may have to name her.

samanya, May 24, 8:15am
Oh bless you hunni . a cook after my own heart, grow it, cook it & save the juicy bits for another meal . love it.

oh_hunnihunni, May 25, 8:30am
I passed on my marmalade idea to a neighbour (our 'rehabbed' orange tree is laden!) and she proudly reports two jars of breakfast delight on her bench today. Cool eh? She hadn't 'jammed' for donkeys years. Always nice to spread the bug.
I planted lime green and violet caulis today, mini versions. Just the thought of them is enough to make me happy. Purple caulis, be still my heart.

The Joy of Gardening eh?

daarhn, May 25, 9:06am
The weeds at mine are all yours sweetheart, knock yourself out. smirk

autumnwinds, May 25, 11:50am
Ahem - that's getting to be a superfluity of Joys there, m'dear.

The Joy of Crockpots.
The Joy of Cooking.
The Joy of Eating.
The Joy of Conversation (albeit, online).
and the Joy of Gardening.

All well and good, and I agree.

But - me being me - I can't help feeling there's something missing.
Oh, no. There it is, on my bookshelf.

autumnwinds, May 25, 11:54am
BTW, being the gluttonious tart I am.

I have THREE crockpots, and am eyeing up one of the original Ralta jobbies at a local op shop.

My friends nicknamed me "Imelda" years ago, due to the number of shoes I have (and I know Hunni has a "thing" about boots, too).

So what nickname does a lover of crockpots get?

Umm. hang about.
I think there could be some pretty slanted answers to that one!

autumnwinds, May 25, 2:09pm
It's by Dr Alex Comfort.

wasala, May 26, 3:45am

eljayv, May 26, 4:35am
Now you've got my interest please tell me what brand your tiny slow cooker is. I'm still using my ancient sunbeam crockpot and I don't think marmalade would happen in it.

letitia, May 26, 5:38am
I'm interested to know about it too. I've never heard of a tiny slow cooker.

oh_hunnihunni, May 26, 6:19am
It's this one - only I got it in one of their half price sales, so $40 worth of fun. And small was essential because I cook for one as Madame Coco doesn't really go in for periperi chicken - her tastes are a little more plebeian and come in foil packets.


Haven't noticed my power consumption skyrocketing yet either, but if I casseroled in the oven I'm guessing it'd be even more energy burned.
As for books, I needed my trolley to fetch home the Women's Weekly SLOW COOKER (their capitals) omnibus recipe book. But the look of the sticky date pudding in the back means dragging that huge weighty tome home might've been worth it.

Sticky date pudding and caramel sauce! Who needs Dr Alex Ms autumn? With or without whipped cream.

autumnwinds, May 26, 11:14am
Oh, I dunno - whipped cream I'm sure is mentioned in Dr Alex's Joy book. lol

But back again. puddings, jams, quince paste, creamed rice. and even bread can be cooked in a slow cooker.

It's fun finding all the uses. I just found last night a cheesecake cooked in jars in a crockpot, and had them tonight - VERY rich, but superb texture. If you visualise the crockpot as a waterbath, it brings up all sorts of uses - custards, etc.

And you're right - it's a heck of a lot less electricity used, a fraction of the cost of turning on an oven, especially if you put a light towel over the lid (or even under, if making a crockpot cake. )

eljayv, May 26, 9:05pm
Thanks for this

uli, Sep 5, 7:34am
Interesting article but it does not give any data.

My crockpot has 300 Watt. That means if I use if for 8 hours then I have used 2.4kwh.

If using an electric oven (I have gas) then you use about 2kwh per hour of use. A chicken is done in less than an hour if it is one of those 40day olds from the supermarket. My own chickens take a it longer, cause they have used those legs to walk and run.

So the crockpot is not always cheaper, but maybe much more convenient (as I have said above).

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