Baking in a gas oven problems

arcane1315, Feb 22, 3:56am
We have a Parmco gas oven - I have only lived here a year, and none of my baking turns out in it. It all takes twice as long to cook as the recipe says it should - can't cook a pav as it only goes down as low as 150, and today was the last straw. my sons 16th birthday cake is burnt to a cinder on the bottom as I had to cook it twice as long as the middle wasn't cooked! Does anyone else have this problem with gas? I thought gas was supposed to be hot to cook with? Could it possibly be a faulty oven? Does anyone else have a Parmco?

macman26, Feb 22, 4:27am
1. Buy an oven thermometer. Check actual temp to set temp.
2. Check door seals.
3. Check door hinges close door properly.
Could be an issue with gas jet.
Is it fan forced? If so do you use the fan?
This will give an idea what could be wrong.

marcs, Feb 22, 10:49am
It should not have those issues. I would assume your oven is not working properly. I have only worked in industrial gas ovens but they work just as fine and an electric oven. Your oven could actually be faulty.

sherrydog, Oct 18, 4:43pm
I agree with marcs. Think there may be something wrong with your oven. I have gas - oven and hob - and admit that my gas oven takes a little longer to cook. I usually have to add another 10 mins or so to recipes, but I think a gasfitter needs to check yours out - doesn't sound right to me. I do enjoy a gas oven though and think it bakes better than electric - or I am just used to it!

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