Tasteless bacon hocks

awoftam, Jun 12, 9:10am
The last two I have used to make soup have been very average.

Two different brands, the second one was worse than the first.

Anyone else found this?

davidt4, Jun 12, 9:26am
I only buy Freedom Farms Bacon hocks and they have good flavour.

autumnwinds, Jun 12, 10:34am
I no longer use bacon hocks at all (too salty) and buy large ham hocks from Countdown or Pak'n'slave . most easily obtainable when they're having a shaved ham special. Half the price of bacon hocks, too!

Makes beautifully flavoured soup, with split peas, celery, carrot, onion and fresh herbs (parsley and thymes are my fav) - and some of the cooked ham (they're usually generous with what's left on the hock) can be chopped for omelettes, etc.

awoftam, Jun 13, 7:34am
I have a 'thing' about FF stuff as its not free range and deliberately misleading.

I can't get their hocks anyway.

awoftam, Jun 13, 7:44am
If you actually read all the stuff in the link that you sent me you would see that they free farm, not free range. And its different.

FF have NEVER claimed to be free range.

I have asked them to comment about this via their page however they have not responded.

linette1, Jun 13, 7:47am
Yes that is why I have just deleted my post as I have not read all the information of their site.
It seems that is the feed only that is not organic?

linette1, Jun 13, 7:49am
It seems like a better life than most pigs get in NZ.

awoftam, Jun 13, 7:58am
Perhaps, however that doesn't make it right. If we want animals to be free range (as opposed to organic, which is different again) we need to ensure that people actually understand what they are buying.

When people understand what they are buying, and choose to buy it, that's okay as that is their choice - an informed decision.

When people THINK they are buying something because of clever marketing, well, I take exception to that. It is not ethical or fair to genuine free rangers.

FF breed their animals outside, however as I understand t the piglets are removed at about 4 - 6 weeks old then raised inside. I have asked them to confirm or deny this, however have heard nothing back.

davidt4, Jun 13, 8:08am
I didn’t know that. What a shame. Do you know if their eggs are genuinely free range?

linette1, Jun 13, 9:06am
Thanks for that, it is good to know the true facts and as you say have informed choice.
The eggs for David unless you know something else.

awoftam, Jun 13, 10:18am
Yes, I believe so, and they market them as such. Free Range is clearly labelled on their egg packaging.

As opposed to their bacon and such which is labelled Free Farmed.

Please understand I am not saying Freedom Farms are doing anything wrong at all! They clearly label their products as what they actually are.

I am just saying often people do not understand what labels actually mean and could potentially believe something is not what it actually is.

midget8, Aug 25, 10:12am
Get them from a butcher that cures and smokes his own bacon. Way more flavoursome than the supermarket stuff.

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