Dried fruit

miffycat1, Mar 30, 7:26am
I have 2 bags of Tasti dried fruit that i did not use at Christmas time.
They look like they are about to explode
The use by date is May 18
Will the fruit be able to be used ?
Never had this problem before

lilyfield, Mar 30, 9:05am
It keeps , if you are concerned, freeze

miffycat1, Mar 30, 9:28am
Thanks, I know i can freeze the fruit, but was wondering why the bags have blown up, about to explode.=
lilyfield]It keeps , if you are concerned, freeze[/quote]

malcovy, Mar 31, 2:45am
I would say they are fermenting.

sherrydog, Apr 1, 4:52am
I think malcovy is right and it is fermenting. Don't use it.

articferrit, Oct 9, 5:56am
open them and see if they smell like wine, and they probably do if theyre exploding, I keep the bags in the fridge and they last forever.

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