Frozen Beef

Found a large rolled rib of beef (top quality, home kill), in the bottom of the Freezer. Been there 5+ years. Given Capt Scott's stuff seemed to survive almost 100 years in Antarctica, what are my risks

Chef_camac99, Jun 14, 10:34 am

Does any have any comments that they would like to share pls?

Chef_darkestangel1, Jun 21, 2:44 pm

What was wrong with our other answers? do you want someone to tell you not to eat it?

Chef_articferrit, Jun 21, 7:04 pm

Just eat it if you want to.
Probably lost some nutrition, might taste a bit freezer burnt. But you are likely not going to die from it.

Chef_huggy5, Jun 21, 9:27 pm

oh no ! this reminded me of when I cooked for my mum for two years, she insisted I cook a roast pork that her and dad had kept from when they had a few acres 20 years ago at least. We had a set too over it, but hey should a child argue with a 78 year old mother, lol. No! I cooked it and after she tasted it she said, gee that pig tasted awful, you better throw it all out . . phew, that was one of our special moments while I cared for my Mother. hugs, floating upwards for you to catch mummy.

Chef_pickles7, Jun 22, 5:23 am

20 yrs. whoa.

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 22, 5:39 am

good on you,pickles, a dutiful daughter?
What is it about some elderly mothers who treat their mature children like kids, & assume they know nuffink?
I saw it happen to my mother, who had a hell of a lot more life experience & dare I say it . intelligence & yet she was treated with disdain.
It's not only women, either . have seen it happen to adult men, especially some who have taken over (with big mortgage) the family farm.

Chef_samanya, Jun 22, 6:52 am

Probably too late now but I have had this a few times. Its a lottery really usually OK but probably won't be dinner party quality. I would roast it well long and slow than chill it and use it as cold meat. It won't be a food safety issue it will be a flavour thing, beef is most likely fine, pork fat starts to tastes rancid within a year as pickles found. It actually depends too on what else was in the freezer.

Chef_beaker59, Jun 23, 6:51 am

Frozen beef lasts 2 years. Having said that you could eat it but the quality will be very poor so I wouldn't .

Chef_melford, Aug 18, 10:15 am