Wine in cooking

I dont drink wine, and a lot of recipes I want to make, call for 1 -1/2 cups of wine.
What is the best way to keep it (get what I mean)
Like if I open a bottle, how long does it keep?
Also what is a good wine to use.?
Is there a substitute?

Chef_korbo, May 30, 8:24 am

Any drinkable cheap wine will be fine. No need to spend big bucks on cooking wine. The bottle will have a screw top so when you have used what you need put the lid back on tight and put it in a dark cool cupboard. Should last quite a white. There may be a bit of degradation to the wine since you have introduced air to the bottle but for cooking it should be fine. As long as it doesnt smell like vinegar your good to go. You can buy de-alcoholised wine as an alternative or just leave the wine out. Leaving it out say in a stew would make little difference if the stew is well prepared anyway.

Chef_mss2006, May 30, 8:40 am

I keep it in the fridge, lasts ages, months.

Chef_lythande1, May 30, 7:06 pm

Goodness lythande1 I put the lid on tight and keep it in the fridge but it still evaporates. lol

Chef_crazynana, May 31, 12:01 am

It depends what you’re cooking as to what wine you would want to use but I’d probably stick to the cleanskin bottles from Countdown and store upright in a cool dark place. There’s only 3 cups of wine in a bottle anyway

Chef_sarahb5, Jun 5, 8:43 am

Get hold of some of the big ice trays and freeze it.

Chef_murrayj1, Jun 5, 8:19 pm

Chef_murrayj1, Jun 5, 8:21 pm

I buy those little 197ml bottles from countdown when they have the buy 6 get 20% off. just for cooking. Cheap as and no waste, if not enough for the recipe, I make up with water or stock.

Chef_wheelz, Jun 5, 11:48 pm

Probably into someone elses mouth. LOL

Chef_cleggyboy, Jun 6, 2:48 am

Could be mine cleggyboy.

Chef_crazynana, Jun 7, 9:07 am

I have just done a Country chicken casserole (Mary Berry Recipe) that called for about 250ml of white wine, not being much of a white wine drinker I got one of those little bottles that just about hold that amount. good if you do not want to buy a bigger bottle and have it hanging around

Chef_figjamto, Aug 29, 8:59 am