Chicken soup

kingfish_327, May 10, 11:33pm
Hi there, I am really ill at the moment with horrible bronchitis, anyone have a nice chicken soup recipe, I like my soup's really thick. Thanks heaps

lavender32, May 10, 11:41pm
I'm guessing you won't feel up to going out & buy ingredients but I always use maggie cream of chicken soup mix & put heaps of veg & shredded chicken in it.

kingfish_327, May 11, 12:18am
oh thank you, i have someone that can get the ingredients for me, and my pantry is stocked to the max.

fisher, May 11, 2:31am
Chicken Soup
Family Traditional Soup made by my ma from way back and is magnificent served with real fresh bread and lashings of butter.

Take 5 chicken thighs and cover with water. . Add 1 tsp of salt. . 1 onion chopped. . 1 tsp of crushed peppercorns. . 5 garlic cloves crushed. .
Bring to boil and simmer for 30 mins. . Remove chicken thighs and set aside. . To the pot, now add the leaves of4 celery stalks. .
the peelings of 4 carrots. . 2 bay leaves and let this simmer. . Scrape the outer fat off the chicken thighs and remove the chicken meat. . Set aside to cool. . Now place all the bones back into the pot and bring back to boil and then simmer 15 mins. .
Strain the juices and return to the pot and add a pkt of Kings soup mix (discard the peelings). . Stir cover and simmer for 30 mins. .
While this is happening, chop up your carrots into chunky pieceschop up your celery stalks and chop 3 potatoes, chopped into 1. 5 cm squares... Add all this to the pot with a chicken oxo cube and cover and cook until vegetables tender... Spoon out 1/4 of the vegetables and place in bowl... Using a stick blender and a little soup juice, mash these vegetables to make a thick consistency...
Break up the chicken into small pieces, add to the pot for the last 5-10 mins. . This ensures the chicken is not overcooked and remains tender. . Taste test and add seasoning if required using WHITE pepper. .

kingfish_327, Apr 19, 1:05pm
Oh fisher, thank you so much, you are a god send! yum!

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