Can you Freeze Salami?

rai5, Nov 18, 1:41am
I brought a roll today and see it has an expiry of 24th. Not sure we will eat it all by then so wondering if I can cut some off and freeze it. Thanks.

nanasee1, Nov 18, 1:44am
I have frozen it successfully, particularly as a chunk rather than sliced

rai5, Nov 18, 2:06am
Oh great. Many thanks.

cottagerose, Nov 18, 2:34am
I freeze it but whole. Maybe chunks rather than slices.

harrislucinda, Nov 18, 4:03am
i did but dried out was given to me so not sure if fresh or not

stu3, Nov 19, 3:21am
I slice and freeze for putting on pizza.

harrislucinda, Dec 2, 5:14pm
thanks never thought of that gave it to the chooks