Freezing Brussel sprouts

domaine, Aug 21, 9:43am
Has anyone successfully frozen Brussel sprouts so when cooked , later, are as close to as good as prior to freezing?

lilyfield, Aug 21, 10:34am
Not very successful ever,but if you use small VERY firm heads, blanch Quickly,throw into icewater, drain and free flow The result will be acceptable.
Only worth it if you grow your own.

jan2242, Aug 21, 10:31pm
I bought some frozen ones last year. Might be Watties?. Anyway they were dreadful.

lythande1, Aug 22, 1:14am
Yes they are, best to put them straight in the compost and stick to cabbage.

domaine, Aug 22, 8:44am
Ok, thanks for advice.

korbo, Aug 23, 4:32am
love brussell sprouts. cooked in m/wve, then lemon juice over. or stirfried with onions and spinach. gotta have my greens every day

samanya, Jan 3, 11:53am
I love them too & have had a brilliant crop this year, the birds have decimated the spinach & silver beet, so I've relied heavily on sprouts, cabbages & lettuces for winter greens. I would never freeze them though, because I think they'd never be nice to eat . sprouts, to me are . fresh or go with out.

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