korbo, Dec 16, 8:29am
do we prick our shortbread before cooking. my mum, and nana always did

bisloy, Dec 16, 9:14am
Why not? If it looks pretty and thats how you want it to look :)

marcs, Dec 16, 9:58am
So that it doesn't rise or dome but it is a pretty traditional way to decorate as well.

buzzy110, Dec 17, 1:08am
Don't prick it and see what happens. Let us all know. I'd be interested.

kaddiew, Dec 17, 1:32am
I've baked shortbread many times without pricking it first. No difference.

buzzy110, Dec 17, 1:34am
Thanks. Now I know. And now OP knows as well.

melford, Dec 17, 3:31am
Pricking releases the air so the shortbread doesn't rise in the middle and the underside gets brown. I like mine white on top and brown underneath

sarahb5, Nov 19, 4:48pm
I don’t prick mine - it doesn’t rise in the middle

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