livinginsin, Jun 26, 7:14am
Who has one? What are the pro's and con's? I need an informed decision before I commit.

jane8, Jun 26, 7:42am
Cant get past the price to be honest

petmacorpltd, Jun 26, 11:23am
I bought one last year. Started with a hiss and a roar and now have hardly used it in months. Hate to say it but I regret buying it. My daughter has eyes on it though . . .

macman26, Jun 26, 11:37am
They were fined in Australia recently for a dangerous product and misleading statements.

marcs, Aug 16, 4:45pm
I put in the category of glorified blender with a massive price tag. Sorry I don't see the fuss. For me it is put everything in and it heats/cooks it up you. There is no sauteing or caramelizing. Food is tastier cooked in a pot.

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