Manu Feildel And Campbell's stock

wheelz, Aug 8, 8:21am
I wonder if he really uses this stock in his cooking. has he even tried it?!
I made a risotto, using this stock, tasted the stock on its own, very little or no flavour! Like coloured water.

wendalls, Aug 8, 9:09am
Yes I have problems with stock. It can be the only factor deciding whether a. meal is nice or not so nice in my opinion. Making my own turned out watery too.

illusion_, Jan 8, 10:56pm
here ya go

the various "glazes" on that page are simply reduced stock. so reduced that they are like a very firm jelly. simply add to whatever with enough liquid to your desire. no theyre not cheap. yes they go a reasonable way (I freeze them and partially thaw as required).
and most important . they are the best I have ever found

as for Manu actually using that rubbish? I dont bloody think so

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