Freezing cheesecake

purplefalcon, Aug 19, 4:57am
Hello - if I make a cheesecake today would it be ok to freeze until Tuesday?

harrislucinda, Aug 19, 5:26am
yes cheesecake will freeze well Let to thaw slowly on bench than thaw in microwave

purplefalcon, Aug 19, 5:57am
Thank you. My daughter is coming home for a few days and wants to take one back to Blenheim with her. Thought if I froze it then it may travel back better

rainrain1, Aug 19, 6:54am
But then if she has an slight accident, and the frozen cheesecake flies up and dongs her one. ouch!

245sam, Aug 19, 7:04am
purplefalcon, I recommend that the still-frozen cheesecake is well wrapped and put into a plastic bag, then put into your daughter's checked-in luggage. It is colder in the luggage hold than in the cabin so IMO best not put into her hand luggage. :-))

purplefalcon, Aug 19, 7:16am
Haha I will put in in the boot while I drive her to Wellington to catch her flight

purplefalcon, Aug 19, 7:18am
Thanks. I have a tin that will fit into a Tupperware container with a lid. I thought I would then wrap the container in gladwrap as well as putting it in a plastic bag. She's only been based on Blenheim a short time but has told colleagues I make good cheesecakes so am making her a jellytip one

timturtle, Aug 19, 9:01am
Can you post your recipe? Sounds nice thanks

purplefalcon, Aug 19, 7:30pm
Here you go Timturtle

With not being able to get jellytip biscuits at the moment I am going to use toffeepops with the malt biscuits

sarahb5, Aug 20, 7:58am
Glad Wrap would be ok for leaks but newspaper is a better insulator

purplefalcon, Jan 4, 6:45pm
Thanks I will wrap it in newspaper instead.

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