Drip cakes

kiwiscrapper1, Dec 1, 8:08pm
Is it better to use Ganache for the drip or can you thin down butter cream?

autumnwinds, Nov 28, 11:03am
Use ganache - the drips are more consistent, controllable, and the ganache stays glossy.

Buttercream is basically butter and icing sugar (sometimes with sour cream) so there's no real way I can think of, or heard of, to "thin it down" without losing control of the drips, and it ending up a sticky mess with very irregular "drips" and blobs that wouid break, slump, blob, and melt at lower temperatures and in humidity.

After all, the effect a drip cake strives to achieve is the relatively controlled length and arrangement of the "drips", and this is achieved by the melted chocolate hardening up at the same time - "thinned" buttercream would simply not have the strength.

You could possibly use good royal icing of the right consistency, but getting the colour may bee a problem, and it would only be the setting of the eggwhite that would give any structure so it would be hit and miss.

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