Beetroot - Can anybody please give me some ideas

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nannyannie1, May 9, 9:36pm
I have just picked a bucket of beetroot out of my garden I have just boiled up a pot full and just wondering if anyone has some good recipes. I grow them to make juices, but want to be able to eat them as well. I also roast them which I love.

cookessentials, May 9, 9:54pm
I love it roasted with feta and onions

cookessentials, May 9, 10:04pm
Beetroot chocolate cake is also very nice.

cookessentials, May 9, 10:04pm
If you like relish or chutney, I have a lovely beetroot relish recipe.

nannyannie1, May 9, 10:08pm
I would love both recipes the chocolate cake and the relish thank you, if you don't mind writting it out for me :)

nannyannie1, May 9, 10:11pm
And Iready love the sound of Roasted beetroot with feta and onions... that will be on tonights menu thanks cookessentials :)

cookessentials, May 9, 10:18pm
Beetroot Relish
A beautiful rich coloured relish, makes a beautiful home made gift. Serve with cold meats such as ham, beef, turkey etc.
750g fresh beetroot, peeled and coarsely grated
1 chopped onion
400g peeled, cored and chopped green apples
410ml white wine vinegar
1/2 cup soft brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp salt
Place all ingredients in large pan or stock pot and stir over a low heat, without boiling, until the sugar has dissolved. Bring to the boil and simmer, stirring often, for 20-30 minutes or until the beetroot and onion are tender and the relish has reduced and thickened. Spoon into clean, hot jars and seal. Turn upside down for two minutes, invert and leave to cool. Leave for a month before using. Refrigerate after opening for up to six weeks.

franny8, May 9, 10:19pm
Have you tried the roasted beetroot with sour cream. Its to die for!

cookessentials, May 9, 10:23pm
Will have to wait till tonight for the cake as my book is at home. It is an AWW cake and is very nice and moist.

jaybee2003, May 9, 10:24pm
Chickpea & Roasted Winter Vege Salad

Chickpeastinned drained and rinsed well. Spinach, bok choy, raddicchio or endive. Avodaco sliced & diced. Celery leaves chopped.
Red onion quartered. Butternut pumpkin sliced thinly with skin on.
Beetroot [small or 1/4 b4 roasting]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Parsley chopped.

Boil beetroot starting with cold water, boil 30 mins to semi cook, skin, toss in EVOOil, S & P, then roast 15 mins on roasting tray.
While the beetroot is boiling, toss onion & pumpkin in EVOO, S & P and roast approx 30 mins on separate tray [baking paper on both trays]

Heat pan, lightly brown rock salt for a few seconds, add washed greens tossed in EVOO, toss in heat for a minute or two, then lid on for 30 sec or so until wilted as wished.

Combine all in bowl, adding vinegar, oil & parsley to taste. Serve on a large platter, placing a few pumpkin slices down the centre in decoration.

cookessentials, May 9, 10:31pm
Hi jaybee, I love the sound of that recipe

red2, May 9, 10:31pm
roasted beetroot goes great with vension

cookessentials, May 9, 10:32pm
by the way, the two roux whisks you are after from the USA will have to come on the next shipment as they had already boxed the last shipment up by the time I ordered them. I will be doing another order shortly.

jaybee2003, May 9, 11:19pm
Morning! :-) Another lovely sunny day here. Thanks for the info on the whisks. I will be looking forward to them arriving.

Yes, that recipe is yummy. Looks very nice too on the platter. I have also done the cocktail tomato [even with roasted tomato] and feta cheese thing with it too.
Is also nice substituting penne pasta for the chick pea. Coated the penne by tossing in an ever so light sauce made by adding a tablespoon of tomato sauce to a few tablespoons of the water the pasta was cooked in. Makes a perfectly ok 'sauce' to keep it moist, but not detract from everything else -healthy too! .

nannyannie1, May 10, 12:07am
Thanks for the recipes guys . . I have just written them down and I will be definitely using them all. I'm always looking for something different ... Will impress my next lot of guests :)

cookessentials, May 10, 12:08am
You are most welcome. I shall post the choc beetroot recipe later tonight.

sparkles, May 10, 5:29am
I make this every season and give it away as gifts too... EVERYONE raves over it (I had some at lunch today too... yummo! )Its great cause I always have loads of beets and zucchinis ready at the same time. The zucchini is really a 'filler' and doesnt have a taste and is stained by the beetroot so the kids dont even know its there.


8 cups grated zucchini
1/4 cup salt
4 onions
5 cups grated beetroot
3 cups sugar
1 tablespoon yellow mustard seed
2 cups herbed vinegar (I used Delmaine Italiane white wine vinegar)
5 tablespoons cornflour

Place grated beetroot and zucchini in a glass bowl; sprinkle with salt and stand for 30 minutes. Stir several times. Drain and rinse, then discard the liquid. Boil all ingredients (except the cornflour) in a large saucepan. Add cornflour mixed with a little vinegar to thicken.

Pour into hot, sterlised jars and seal.

karenz, May 10, 6:33am
This looks great and I think it tastes great too. Boil the beetroot then peel, cut into chunks and toss through balsamic vinegar. While still warm swirl through some mashed potatoes but use olive oil instead of millk and butter. Resembles chunky boysenberry swirl icecream! I also salt the potatoes with salt flakes after they have boiled.

nannyannie1, May 10, 9:10am
Most of these recipes you grate the beetroot raw, do you think I could do the same thing after boiling them.
Thanks sparkles I'm going to try your recipe I have a masive marrow that has been sitting in my fridge for about a month I will use this instead of the zucchini :)
Karenz - I am going to do the mashed potato thing tomorrow night:)
This is all to exciting ! !

msfit1, May 11, 7:26am
beetroot choc cake... . . caramel coconut icing ... divine

nannyannie1, May 11, 7:21pm
Yum... Would you mind giving me the recipe msfit
I have been waiting for the recipe from cookessentials but she must of forgot . Thanks :)

succulentslady, May 11, 8:52pm
Please tell me how you roast beetroot. Im in my 70s and have never heard of it. No one I have ever had a meal with have served it. Thanks. I have a good crop of beetroot ready to pull

nannyannie1, May 12, 10:03am
Hi succulentslady . . when I roast my beetroot I just wash them cut them into small pieces or if they are already small just leave them whole, dry, then drizzle them with olive oil salt and pepper and roast in the oven like you would with potatoes. I quite often cut up a selection of veg including the beetroot cut small and roast altogether. Another idea is to add sesame seeds I love them that that :)

jaybee2003, May 12, 11:40am
I prefer to roast beetroot separately from other veges, as it tends to bleed colour. I roast on a flat baking paper covered oven tray.

Another option for roasting to the usual oil and salt/herbs is to toss in a mixture of oil, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar and s & p. I prefer too to quarter or baton the beetroot before roasting - or preboil then cut, unless the beets are small.

One of my fav winter salads is with oil/sugar/balsamic roasted beetroot, pear quarters and red onion quarters [all roasted separately on oven trays, rocket, walnuts, blue vein cheese/feta or goats cheese, dressed either with a good drizzle of a top quality evoo or flavoured oil or a pesto dressing, rock salt and ground pepper.

Fresh mint is nice with roast beetroot too.

treewalk, May 12, 9:58pm
Sparkles- how long do you boil the Beetroot relish for and how many jars will it make?