Oyster Soup?

gildon, Jul 26, 5:36am
What used to be a favourite chicken recipe requires oysters and for years I used the small tins available but haven't been able to buy them for years, and just thought that an oyster soup (tinned maybe! ) or something similar may give the required flavour. However, where do I obtain anything like that. Drew a blank at my local supermarket today. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I know I could use fresh oysters but at over $17.00 for a small punnet just to add a bit of flavour is a bit much, seeing as chicken is the main ingredient.

jan2242, Jul 26, 6:18am
I have bought the little tins of smoked oysters and mussels at my local. Do they not stock them where you live? They are in a little tin like a sardine can.

gildon, Jan 13, 5:08pm
I know the smoked oysters you mean and I have tried them a couple of times but they are seriously lacking in flavour when mixed in with the other ingredients - nowhere near the same as the now unobtainable ones. They were not smoked and just in water (from memory)

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