Glutinous Rice help please

awoftam, Jul 31, 6:30am
I have heard this referred to as sweet rice, and I want to make a dessert with it however I am unsure what brand of rice I should get. The local supermarket here doesn't sell it so I will need to go out of town and would appreciate help with what label you use and where you get it from. TIA.

bethd754, Jul 31, 7:05am
Mostly in asian shop called glutinous rice any brand does not matter. What sort of sweet desert you are planning to make?

awoftam, Jul 31, 7:59am
Glutinous rice with caramalised mango. A friend of mine had it overseas and loved it so I want to make it for her as a surprise next time they come for dinner.

I was after a brand name so I'd know what to keep an eye out for.

bethd754, Jul 31, 8:10am
Sounds yummy, Please post the recipe if you don't mind and if you are not busy. Thanks

bethd754, Jul 31, 8:16am
Its ok I found the recipe online

glasshalfull, Jul 31, 8:25am
Glutinous rice is sticky rice. With mango it is divine. Asian shops sells it and will point you in the right direction by either name.

awoftam, Jul 31, 8:27am
Okie dokie. Happy to post if you wish.

awoftam, Jul 31, 8:28am
Yea I know its sticky rice. Really limited with the shops where I live so will try when I am in Hamilton or Tauranga next.

glasshalfull, Jul 31, 8:37am

Oh I've got mangos. This looks a nice and easy way to cook the rice. I'll try this tomorrow!

bethd754, Aug 1, 8:49am
Ok, thanks

cgvl, Aug 1, 10:29am
If the rice is used as a rice pudding type then short grain rice is the best. From the link Short Grain is what I would use.

davidt4, Aug 1, 11:43am
No. Sticky/sweet/glutinous rice is quite different and short grain rice is not a substitute.

awoftam, Aug 2, 8:21am
Yes that's right you would never use short grain as a substitute in this type of dish. I am heading to Tauranga this weekend so will see what I can find there. I tend to spend most of my time in food shops when over that way. Nothing like Auckland has but far better than what I can get here. Which reminds me, I must hit the Auckland farmers markets again soo.

bottynoodle, Aug 2, 8:38am
Order online $3.99 kg bag from Asian mart AKL.Google glutinous rice NZ and it will take you to the link.Happy cooking

cgvl, Aug 2, 8:59am
Well I checked the recipe and it told me there are 3 types of rice. Long grain, medium and short. Short grain was described as sushi rice or sticky rice which is what the recipe is saying (sticky/glutinous rice) to use hence I would use short grain.

awoftam, Aug 2, 9:19am

cgvl, Aug 2, 9:50am
well I know why I don't bother to offer my advice in here anymore, you asked for help I gave a suggestion based on my experience with all sorts of rice and dishes obviously you don't actually want any help or ideas. And yes short or medium grain or pudding rice as it is known works in that dish.

bethd754, Aug 2, 6:49pm
Short grain is good for rice pudding but its not so sticky enough compared to glutinous rice that needed for this recipe.

davidt4, Aug 2, 10:54pm
Getting back to the original question, the brand of sticky rice that I buy is "Five Star Elephant" and it is available at most Asian food markets. I have also used anonymous sticky rice sold in plastic bags at Thai food markets and it is fine.

davidt4, Aug 2, 10:58pm
There are hundreds of different kinds of rice, in various combinations of long/medium/short grain and various degrees of stickiness. Sushi rice is Japonica rice, with short/medium grain, medium stickiness. It is not the same as "sweet rice", which is long grain, very sticky. If you are really interested in rice (which I am) there is a heap of information out there about rice in different cuisines all over the world.

davidt4, Aug 2, 11:04pm
Here's an interesting blogpost about sticky rice.

awoftam, Jan 11, 2:43pm
Thanks very much, was an informative read.

I don't use a lot of rice apart from basmati, and have never used sticky rice. Finding out the differences is interesting and shows that we never stop learning.

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