Jamie Oliver chicken.

dave313, Sep 27, 2:40am
Would like the name of this dish. Where he made a dish using chicken where he cut the chicken into pieces, half cooked them coated them in home made breadcrumbs and then finished cooking them?
Thanks Mrs D.

samanya, Sep 27, 6:57am
I'm not familiar with that particular recipe . maybe this link could help.

petal1955, Sep 27, 8:34pm
Was this something you saw on TV.if so what was the name of the programme. easy to search online

dave313, Sep 28, 3:44am
Thanks for the help so far.
Don't know the name of the programme but was on Food TV. They put cormeal in the dish with the chicken then about half way though the cooking, took the chicken from the dish and coated it with a paste of flour and water then breadcrumbs.
Mrs D.

245sam, Sep 28, 5:46am
Mrs D have a look at:-

Hope that helps. :-))

kay141, Sep 28, 5:53am
I think it was a repeat of "Save with Jamie" and was called fried chicken.

Is this the one?


dave313, Dec 21, 12:53pm
Thank you very much .
That is the dish.
Mrs D.

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