pickles7, Nov 21, 11:25pm
I do grow radishes, but really like radish sprouts even more. I buy the seeds from bin inn and sprout 2 teaspoons at a time. They probably only take 4 days, rinse them every day. I wait for the seed leaves to open then leave them out on the bench to green the leaves up, rinse again and pop them in the fridge.

lythande1, Nov 22, 1:04am
Or grow your own, you only need a shallow pot, easiest thing ever to grow.
But the water thing works.

glynsmum, Dec 9, 11:21pm
how to store,they go soft so quickly,I've tried growing but had no success same with spring onions,I think over $2.00 for four onions is to much.any advice appreciated.thanks

lilyfield, Dec 9, 11:40pm
Top and tail and cover with water, in fridge

glynsmum, Dec 10, 4:22am
Oh thank you I didn't know about the water.

kaddiew, Dec 10, 4:37am
Put the bulb/root ends of your bought spring onions into a small pot of soil on your kitchen bench and you'll get a little more mileage out of them.

rainrain1, Dec 10, 5:01am
Nor did I, good to know eh?

linette1, Dec 11, 5:30am
Put the spring onions in a glass with a little bit of water for the roots and place on windowsill and they will keep better.
It is good to renew the water daily and give the roots a wash under the tap.

whitehead., Dec 11, 7:51pm
i also replant them as i only use one at a time and the rest dont taste right after they have been sitting in water and they go limp in the fridge

glynsmum, Dec 11, 8:34pm
Oh great I just popped back in on the off chance,talking of salad stuff,I try to buy cos lettuce as yo can eat all of it outside leaves as well,and the darker leaved lettuce are better for you or does anyone else know of a lettuce that is as crisp?

esther-anne, Dec 11, 9:02pm
I adore the crispness and the varied colour in the leaves of cos lettuce and I rarely use any other kind. Often use the baby cos that comes in the plastic bags.
Radishes I love too and also keep in a bowl covered in water which I change daily. Spring onions seem to keep well in a ziplock bag and I use any that have gone limp in a stir-fry, curry, or soup. I also wash and trim celery, keeping the leaves, and wrap in foil and put in the fridge. It lasts a long time stored that way.

glynsmum, Dec 1, 4:47pm
My best tip this year was the radishes they are still going strong from before Christmas,thanks lilyfield.

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