Lunchbox ideas in here please!

tonsta2, Feb 10, 5:56pm
It's a terrible day here so I think I'll stock the freezer with things for miss 12 and miss 10 to take for lunches.
Any go to recipes that you can share with me would be really appreciated!

angheenan, Feb 10, 7:38pm
Pastry pinwheels. Spread pastry sheet with mustard or pasta sauce, then cover with grated cheese and bacon. Roll up slice in 2-3cm pieces and bake in hot oven until golden. these freeze well/\.

fifie, Feb 10, 11:14pm
More pinwheels with sheets of pastry fillings, roll up slice bake and freeze.
Leftover mashed potato, grated cheese spring onion chopped.
Grated cheese, finely shaved ham pieces, crushed pineapple.
Spread pastry with tomato relish, then grated cheese, bacon pieces, few spinach leaves.
Vegemite and grated cheese, use whatever you have and the kids like.
Pita Bread Pizzas
8 pita bread pockets
Tomato sauce or relish
2 cups grated cheese
Briefly toast the pita pockets in a toaster (this will allow you to split them open more easily). Open up so you have 16 halves.
Place pita halves on a baking tray with inside facing up.
Smear pitas with tomato sauce or relish.
Sprinkle with a little grated cheese, chopped salami, ham, if want.
Grill in hot oven until cheese is melted and golden.
Nice hot or cold.

princess63, Feb 11, 8:39am
Mini bacon and egg pies or vege quiches work well if you seal them
Tight. I do a heap of baking (slices mostly) so I can drop a piece in and there’s heaps of variety
Homemade sausage rolls are good too and freeze well. Healthier than bought ones.

tonsta2, Feb 11, 8:49am
Great, thanks!

rossy29, Feb 11, 9:08am
Or you could feed them something healthy

timturtle, Feb 11, 9:26am
That’s not a nice post - How about you post what you think is healthy to help the OP out ? Thanks

rossy29, Oct 25, 4:57pm
Being a fat kid is not nice, I no because I was one.
Honestly though if you google healthy kids lunch in images there is literally thousands of options.

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