For the Quince lovers. from Bite

valentino, Mar 28, 7:33pm

samanya, Mar 28, 11:31pm
Some lovely ideas, there.
I usually get given a large bag of quinces each year & preserved them . one lot by compote & the others spiced.
I put the spiced recipe in the quince thread. The compote is sweeter & I think I could use it in some of the recipes in your link.

frances1266, Mar 29, 12:01am
I used to make a quince liqueur, it was delicious. Think it may have been called Membrillo or similar. Was made with vodka. I don't usually like liqueurs that much but this one was really lovely.

gennie, Oct 10, 8:03am
Ratafia. Have made it before too - Quince, vodka, sugar, some spices.

I always make quince paste (in the microwave).

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