Small terakihi fillet for dinner, what to do?

lespat, May 9, 4:57am
Any ideas for sunday snack dinner, in a sandwich perhaps?

seniorbones, May 9, 5:01am
I would just breadcrumb and fry in a small amt of combined butter/oil, or bake in the oven with a nob of butter, squeeze lemon on once cooked. Its too nice to kill with too many other flavours

dezzie, May 9, 5:05am
I'd make it into a sandwich with lettuce tomato and mayo, and maybe an egg, depending on how hungry you are, crumbed would be nice, give it some crunch.

fisher, May 9, 5:26am
fish burger. . nice "bap bun". . fish dredged in flour with lemon pepper and salt. . gently fried in butter and sliced in half. . onto lightly toasted bap bun with butter, lettuce, tomato, slice of cucumber, couple slivers of onion and capsicum, grated carrot, then a drizzle of tartare sauce. .

karenz, Apr 14, 3:58pm
Maybe make some homemade ovenfries to go with it. Terakihi is such a delicate fish, I love it lightly cooked and still hot on fresh bread or breadroll, so the butter melts into it, with maybe just lettuce and a tiny bit of good quality mayo.