Red onions

dreamers, Jan 2, 3:25am
Read a listing for 250 g of red onions for $10 ,that makes them $40 a kilo ? My budget sure doesn’t run that far .

petal1955, Jan 2, 3:45am
Don't know where you read that. I pay around $4.99 a kilo at the market

holly-rocks, Jan 2, 4:19am
I've always wondered why they are more expensive than the normal brown onions ( they grow the same) not that it bothers me much, I still buy them. And why do they peel them? I would much rather they are sold with the skins on!

dreamers, Jan 2, 4:45am
It’s a listing on TM

wheelz, Jan 2, 5:18am
More expensive because they don't store as well as brown

blueviking, Jan 3, 9:39pm
Pay $6 for a 2kg bag at a small grocer on Blockhouse Bay rd

ttwisty, Jan 3, 11:16pm
most red onions are hand picked , higher price for the grower

dreamers, Jan 4, 12:31am
Wondering why someone would pay $40 a kilo on TM when you can buy so much cheaper elsewhere

dibble35, Nov 7, 6:02pm
Plus freight. so even more expensive!
Home grown and organic though. Must be gold plated.

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