Tasteless Dried Apricots Where can I

clair4, Nov 7, 8:29pm
buy some nice dark ones"?

wheelz, Nov 7, 9:04pm
Supermarkets and bulk bin stores all sell them. But they are expensive!

clair4, Nov 7, 9:20pm
Beern there and they sell the pale tasteless ones. You used to be able to buy dark ones that were nice and tasty. I will try Countdown today.

kaddiew, Nov 7, 10:45pm
You sometimes find them in small bags on the shelf alongside the fat bland ones. My local Bin Inn has - or did have - lovely dark, shrivelled, tart South African ones for about the same price as the other horrible ones.

clair4, Nov 8, 1:08am
Paid $7 at Coutdown and wondered if I should at first because they looked rather pale. Anyway go them home and guess what!
absolutely tasteless. The dark shrivelled ones are the best. They don't look too good and I wonder why that is why the do not sell them anymore.
Shame really.

clair4, Nov 8, 3:01am
kay141 Interesting site, but out of my price range. $20 for 500g. They look nice though.

nauru, Dec 5, 5:00pm
You could try Lindstrom foods, link below, they do mail order. Quick delivery and their foods are reasonably priced.

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