Party Afternoon Tea for 25

mausymoo, Feb 2, 7:26am
What would you serve and what ratio of savoury to sweet? Your suggestions would be appreciated.

petal1955, Feb 3, 3:30am
well little vol au vonts go down well.blinis with cream cheese and smoked scones. ( the one bite) idea here. littlel banoffe filled pastry cases. scones with jam and cream.dainty eats.

mrsvonflik, Feb 3, 4:36am
Club sandwiches my favourite

awoftam, Feb 3, 6:01am
1 sweet to three savory pp

huggy5, Feb 3, 6:17am
I much prefer savoury to sweet, and I notice at work morning teas that the savoury stuff always goes much faster than the sweet.
That being said, personally I would serve real 'afternoon tea' food, kind of themed and a bit old fashioned. So thin sandwiches; tomato, salmon and cream cheese, cucumber, egg and parsley etc. Cub sandwiches. Sponge cake. Asparagus rolls. Vol au vents. Cheese straws. Pikelets and blinis. Mini quiches and devilled eggs. Maybe even cheese and pineapple on toothpicks presented in half a grapefruit.
Basically my perfect food list - although I know none of it is trendy, I think it would be lovely.

daarhn, Feb 3, 6:31am
May I RSVP now please?

daarhn, Oct 28, 3:49pm
I did a High Tea recently for about 50 guests. Presentation plays a big part. Your very best china, silverware, crystal, napery, table cloth, flowers etc. And whether inside or outside. Create an ambiance, music, temperature scenery. I'm fortunate to own a large collection of Royal Albert Roses and crystal bowls, of every size. The occasion was to connect and introduce the neighbours in the street with each other and network.

Ratio per person-5 mini bites
5 versions savoury sandwiches
3 versions savoury pastries
2 variations of fruit pastry tarts-custard-cream
2 sweet versions (strawberrys count as a sweet dish)

The meals were little replicas of crustless club sandwiches- 3 varieties. With various simple fillings. Using very good thin breads that was uniformed in shape so crusts could be cut easily. 2 meat, 1 fish (salmon of course), 1 plant based, 1 non meat (egg). (Here's a tip when making sandwiches in advance. Double wrap in cling film and place a damp teatowel over the platter and into the fridge. Remains fresh.)

Bowls of big fat red fresh strawberries (it was strawberry season). Their scent was delicious permeating the dining room. I left the green skirts on simply pulling them back rinsed and made sure they were dry. (Tip, use hairdryer on cool setting to dry things quickly like strawberries, mushrooms)

Savories I did little mini tarts cut out from puff pastry that was flattened during baking for a perfect edge. Then piped a filling and dressed each little piece. Caramelized onion and thyme tarts with roasted mini tomato on each piece. Blue cheese with piped butternut and kumera cream sprinkled with golden lemon oilive oil pepper bread crumble . Creamed cheese labneh style (chopped plump apricots) drizzled with honey and candied salted mixed nuts. (Another tip. Pastry rounds can be made in advanced. Cooled and stored in airtight container. If become soft- onto baking tray lined and a quick reheat in the oven to crisp.Same with candied salted mixed nuts and the creamed cheese)

The same for sweet pastry tarts like the ones you find lined up in a french patisserie. Piped on some delicious custard, passionfruit curd or cream and topped with macerated and fresh fruits, glazed. Add a little whimsy with chocolate lattice bits or toffee nests.

Mini pink lamingtons made into 2 tiers. Filled with fresh cream, Anatoth raspberry jam and fresh blueberry's poked into the cream.

Served proper tea leaves. 3 varieties. Very good coffee never instant. Jugs filled with chilled water and fresh fruit punches. Make sure there is plenty of ice.(Tip Make it bag it and repeat for a few days until you are well stock in ice. Freeze various fruit juices into ice cubes with various bits of edible flowers or mint for effect. Doesn't water down the juice.) It was a hot day and the chilled drinks went down well.

The invites asked that at reserving, if there were any dietary requirements please say.

The afternoon was a success. Just enough food. the children also enjoyed. Not one broken bit of china and folk got to meet each other that lived on the same street who never met for years. What was fun was seeing folk lift up their tea cups and saucers to see if it was real china. LOL.

I LOVE a good soiree!

Just enjoy and make it fun what ever theme of what ever you serve.
Enjoying each other company is the magick that makes any soiree real.

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