Question about cake tin size

joyfuljoybell, Dec 3, 4:48am
I would like to try my wedding cake recipe for Christmas. It was made over 50 years ago and I have never made it. I would need to halve the recipe and what I want to know is what size tin to cook it in.,. Full recipe says 10x10 inch tin. I have tins 9x9 wondered if that would be ok. Any one able to help me please. Thank you,

davidt4, Dec 3, 5:25am
You need to halve the area of the tin so that the cake will have the same height and cook at the same rate.

10 inch square has an area of 100 square inches, so you need a tin with an area of 50 square inches. The closest to that would be a 7 inch tin, which gives you 49 square inches. In metrics that is an 18 cm square tin.

Cook the cake for a slightly shorter period to allow for the slightly shorter time it will take to reach temperature (about ten minutes more or less).

joyfuljoybell, Nov 27, 10:14pm
Thank you davidt4. I very much appreciate your help.

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