Roast pork in slow cooker

gerry90, Aug 6, 1:38am
Has anyone done this with honey and soy sauce - what else goes in.

davidt4, Aug 6, 2:27am
In a slow cooker it's more a braise than a roast, but the flavour will be good. To the honey and soy sauce I would add garlic, ginger, Shaoxing wine and Chinese black vinegar. Garnish the cooked pork with spring onions and coriander leaves.

gerry90, Aug 6, 3:33am
Thanks for that, I agree it will be braised. Just happened to call it a 'roast' rather than a lump of pork. I did add some garlic; I don't have the wine or black vinegar. Maybe some merlot and malt vinegar. It's smelling wonderful.

davidt4, Aug 6, 6:23am
Don't add merlot or malt vinegar, the flavours are completely wrong. Better to go without.

bcnd, Jan 10, 3:51pm
I pull mine apart at the end and add sauces dependant on my flavour feeling of the night

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