rainrain1, Jul 4, 9:45pm
Boring old things really, what do you do with yours apart from roasting or boiling?

fruitbat, Jul 4, 9:49pm
Roasting is the best. a bit of butter and olive oil. Delicious.

lindylambchops1, Jul 4, 10:02pm
Sweet & sour yams!

fifie, Jul 4, 10:30pm
Melt some butter add either honey, or maple syrup, or brown sugar blend. Toss around yams, roast till cooked and caramalise, can toss some sesame seeds on before serving for crunch if you like.

gshj, Jul 4, 10:48pm
We call them yum yums. I love them just roasted, have never done anything else with them.

cgvl, Jul 4, 11:48pm
love them roasted but don't have them with kumara as well as yams not as sweet. tossed in honey and caramalise is also yummy. I do carrots in a similar fashion only steam then toss in honey and sherry, really nice too.

strowan1, Jul 4, 11:53pm
Love yams. Is it just me, or have they lost some of their old astringency? Supermarket ones yesterday were certainly a lovely size, but has hybridisation left them with less flavour? We roast them here.

petmacorpltd, Jul 5, 12:33am
2 T butter, 2T honey, 1 T cider vinegar, 1t salt, 2 t ginger. That's what I have always done. It's really good!

lazkaz, Jul 5, 12:34am
Roast them with veges under a chicken on a drip tray in the oven, they caramelize, go black and are just absolutely delicious, mushy and so yum yams.

figjamto, Jul 5, 12:58am
I love yams. just put in to roast with the other veges. yum lovely

lyndunc, Jul 5, 1:47am
Soup - I make yam and ginger soup, yum! Although this year it is pumpkin and yam soup due to a surplus of our own pumpkins! And our yams are home grown too.

annies3, Jul 5, 2:07am
Prefer roasted yams, home grown, just delicious, we have a massive crop this season so I will need to freeze some for later on, after being frozen they will not mush up when cooked.
I add them to casserols and stews as well,

rainrain1, Jul 5, 2:45am
Some good ideas, thankyou

walt, Jul 5, 4:35am
Very nice sliced in a stir fry.

annies3, Jul 5, 4:56am
Yes yumm

strowan1, Jul 5, 5:08am
This sounds delicious, thank you for sharing, definitely trying this one.

wheelz, Jul 9, 6:10am
And then what, cooked in a saucepan? Or roasted in the mixture, or is the above a dressing once cooked?

samanya, Jul 9, 6:55am
I do something very similar & I drain the cooked yams, saute with the butter & honey, ginger over a lowish heat & it thickens up a little & then add the vinegar & you'll know when it's ready.
It's a tasty way to serve yams.

nauru, Jul 9, 8:03am
I mix a little melted butter,1 tablesp pomegranate molassis and a teasp balsamic vinegar together. Coat yams and roast until cooked through.

strowan1, Jul 10, 6:48am
Tried this tonight and oh my goodness. absolutely delicious. Highly recommend, thank you nauru. 2 other suggestions I see also posted, looking forward to trying both of them very soon, but have to give this one a huge tick.

nauru, Aug 1, 5:15pm
You are welcome. We had these for tea tonight too, lol. I have never really been keen on yams until I tried this recipe, now a favourite.

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