Mad Butcher Specials

OMG lamb shoulder casserole chops on special at MB $21.99KG . Holy FECK need a mortgage to eat those. but chicken drums at $2.99kg is a damn good price

Chef_petal1955, Jun 11, 9:52 pm

Perhaps those sort of prices are why the local Mad Butcher went bust and we no longer have one. Or it could have been the atrocious quality of the product.

Chef_kay141, Jun 11, 11:47 pm

all red meat is expensive been living off pork and chicken

Chef_harrislucinda, Jun 12, 12:03 am

Each time I got meat from the MB it was inferior to that of the supermarket.

Like most things you get what you pay for,all home kill now & beats the others hands down

Chef_happychappy50, Jun 12, 1:04 am

Gee happy chappy, wish we had somewhere to purchase home kill.Hubby does a bit of wild hunting, and often wish we could exchange the meat.

Chef_korbo, Sep 1, 11:20 am

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