Finger licking catfood.

paora-tm, Jun 27, 10:52am
A few weeks ago I had a chicken thigh leftover from the tray of four I bought the cats - they're just too fussy or too spoilt but they turned their noses up at the third one. Anyway I was roasting a joint of pork and added the last thigh to the pan. It was yummy - reminded me a bit of KFC. Searched again for a KFC recipe and noticed for the first time that LARD was listed as the cooking fat - perhaps that's the real secret. So now I need to buy LARD - not available at Countdown. Where do you buy it from?

lythande1, Jun 27, 8:30pm
lard is just fat, buy from supermarket. I wouldn't, chicken is fatty anyway, there is such a thing as too much.
I would be wary of eating something the cat refused, they have an awesome sense of smell, better than dogs, it may have been getting a bit aged.

paora-tm, Jun 27, 9:25pm
Lard and dripping are quite different. We don't eat an excess of fatty food so I'm not worried about eating a bit of lard occassionally. As for the cats turning their noses up at 'fresh' meat - they do it VERY often and I always wonder if they know something that we don't.

patxyz, Jun 27, 11:16pm
Lard? Nah. My only reasoning is that Jews or Muslims globally wouldnt be able to eat KFC.

Could be wrong though.

boby11, Aug 16, 12:43am
My cats like change so they will ignore food if they think there is something better coming

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