Flaxseed Oil

mike16, May 5, 7:53pm
Greetings . for sale on trademe is "Canine flaxseed oil".
THis cheaper than other flaxseed oil and I would like to know if the canine FSO is ok for human use.
Thank you.

harrislucinda, May 5, 9:09pm
why would you us canine flaxseed oil it could have different dosages if you want to use it just buy human flaxseed oil

mike16, May 5, 10:11pm
JUst asking :)

uli, May 6, 2:20am
Um, why do you want to buy flax seed oil in the first place?

It starts deteriorating about 30minutes after being pressed and after a few days you have a very rancid oil that is very bad for your body.

No shop I ever visited (including the very organic ones) has kept it in the fridge - which is probably a waste anyway as you do not know when it was pressed and where is was before . like in a 35 degree C hot delivery van in summer.

mike16, May 6, 8:10pm
Thanks Uli . that's the info I wanted.
Do you recommend buying flax seeds and grinding them to a fine powder ?

harrislucinda, May 7, 5:35am
because flaxseed oil is vegan over fish oil

nauru, May 7, 7:36am
That's the way to go, I use a coffee grinder (used only for this purpose) to grind all my nuts and seeds as required.

kay141, May 7, 7:48am
Made in NZ cold pressed flax seed oil is available online.

Much better than going to any store/


uli, May 7, 8:20am
If that is what you want you can of course buy flax seeds and grinding them to a fine powder.

Personally I would recommend to eat a varied diet - which of course would include meat and fish, eggs etc.

If you do not want that please do research a lot!

uli, May 7, 8:22am
Yes and hardly anything of that oil is useful to the human body.
Do google or whatever engine you use - and you might find that very little is useful to humans.

harrislucinda, Sep 25, 11:09pm
well i just did and found it is better than fish oil with more amega 6 and 9 so where did you read it has little use

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