Hot weather meal ideas

brightlights60, Jan 23, 9:30am
Never known a Summer so long and hot (here in Chch) some ideas for those nights it is just too hot to cook would be wonderful. We are doing BBQ's, wraps, hamburgers at the moment. So not wanting to get in the kitchen and get hot! I know you all have your favourite ones, please share.

fifie, Jan 23, 7:20pm
Havent used the big oven for ages either in this heat, as I usually have ac on if it’s really hot.
My go to fish, chops, hamburgers in a pan,sliced cold meats, (like pre cooked silverside ) wraps,and my fav is Chicken or beef stirfrys with rice. Anything in the bigger bits of meat pizza etc I use my little convection oven. Always with a nice fresh salad, or veg usually from the garden and we’re still digging last of our new spuds to. It’s amazing what you can do on bbq to.

rainrain1, Jan 23, 7:35pm
Cold meat and salads. I always boil up plenty of new potatoes to last a few days, either have them cold with your salads, or slice and fry up some chips

sarahb5, Jan 24, 10:43am
We are eating even later than usual (8 to 8.30), eating fewer carbs because of that and mainly meat or fish with salads although I can’t get too fussy at the moment because my wrist is in a cast and my sons are doing the cooking - mr 23 made spaghetti bolognese tonight - very tasty. Look at eating like the Mediterraneans do

wheelz, Jan 24, 11:12am
Tonight was a large bowl if watermelon salad. perfect!

rainrain1, Jan 24, 6:48pm
Imagine dishing that up to a hungry man lol

wheelz, Jan 24, 7:43pm
Well. it was his suggestion! It does have roasted walnuts and feta cheese. so it's not just water!

rainrain1, Jan 24, 8:43pm

skydancing, Jan 25, 1:16am
I am using the slow cooker one I did last week gave us 5 meals for $13. 2 kg piece of pork on special, put in slow cooker topped with 2 small jars of cranberry sauce and one packet of maggi onion soup. Cooked on low without lifting lid for 7 hours. Ate it cold with veges for 2 nights, made sandwiches and made shepherds pie which did 2 more meals. A real keeper this. Tpoday bbq chicken wings in slow cooker. It can all cook while i have air con on in the lounge.

holly-rocks, Jan 25, 3:27am
Humm YUM! I've been having that for breakfast lately with rock melon. Countdown had massive ones for $7 and they are so good!

jonners2013, Jan 25, 3:56am
Apart from baking, everything else you can cook on a bbq. Unless you have a fancy bbq with a hood, in which case you can cook everything you can indoors.

Another round of salad and sausages for me tonight. Perhaps some potato salad too.

Oh and beer. You’ve got to have beers when it’s this hot.

molly37, Jan 26, 11:44pm
I've been doing a meat and mixing it up with rice, pasta, couscous, vege salads.

petal1955, Jan 27, 1:56am
Fire up the BBQ and make salads. -
.It not rocket science !

cats5, Oct 31, 8:58am
slow cooker bbq and salads yum and bubbles

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