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holly-rocks, Sep 26, 6:00am
Hi there

I'm just home from work and lacking inspiration. Ive been sick all week so cupboards are low. This is what i have (to serve two) any ideas would be awesome :) Thanks!
(and no soup, ive had my share over the last week)

Half a cooked chicken
Falafel mix
Fresh pineapple
Fresh and tinned beetroot
2 eggs
Creamed corn
Heaps of different spices / herbs

Thanks :)

unknowndisorder, Sep 26, 6:18am
Wraps with hummus and chicken. (Boring, I know)

Then get motivated to cook a longer meal tomorrow :)

holly-rocks, Sep 26, 6:48am
Thanks :) thats what i went for, boiled some eggs and had it with some beetroot.
I was having one of those days when you come home shattered and just cant be bothered cooking, if i wasn't rural i'd order a pizza!
Thanks again :)

dolphin19, Sep 26, 9:39am
I've just found a cool website that helps. You have to click on what you have and it comes up with some recipes.


valentino, Sep 26, 9:21pm
Thinking re those wraps, Farros just sent me a wee recipe booklet (plus a satchet of their spice mix) of ideas in using their wraps and one of them was to do a stack, that is a layer of wrap then a filling then a layer of wrap and so on.

When it is only down to one or two of you is the ideal time to try out dishes like these and others.

To me is called "Fun Times".

Editing to add that they do have a web site with some recipes, farros.co.nz (something like this).


holly-rocks, Sep 28, 12:29am
Thanks so much for posting ! I think that site will come in super handy! :)

holly-rocks, Sep 28, 12:34am
Awesome thank you. I love the idea of stacks! Will check out that site :)

There is only two of us, i really need to branch out and find some new recipes so thanks again :)

valentino, Sep 28, 12:54am
Oh, re those wraps, great as a dessert or being used as a sweet.

Hot or Cold.

Imagine pineapple wrapped then either heated or cold served with a nice syrup / cream / custard and so on, even with a nice gourmet ice cream.

I have bought (horrors yes but very convenient) from Pak'n'Save those Delmaines (sp) branded squeazy bottles of Passionfruit, choc, or/and caramel syrups - great with these, very addictive so watch it, LOL, lick my paws with these.

valentino, Sep 28, 10:13pm
Sorry but this is that website. for those wraps recipes.

Not farros but farrahs, hoped you picked up on this.


holly-rocks, Sep 29, 10:59pm
Thanks for your ideas! I never thought of having them sweet. I think my partner would love those :)

holly-rocks, Dec 20, 4:16pm
valentino wrote:
Sorry but this is that website. for those wraps recipes.

Not farros but farrahs, hoped you picked up on this.

Yes i understood what you meant :) its the brand i buy, thanks again and have a lovely weekend.

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