Now I understand the appeal of risotto.

Never been excited by the thought of a plateful of gluggy rice before BUT I made Salmon Lemon Dill Risotto (Bite recipe site) last night and I've been turned - for seafood risotto, at least. Now I'm looking for prawns - which ones do you usually use?

Chef_paora-tm, Mar 19, 8:16 pm

I've always hated risotto, never had it nice in a restaurant. Hate the gluggy rice and every time I've had it the rice has been slightly still hard?

My one is real easy, microwave your rice (fool proof) cup of long grain or basmati rice to two cups boiling water 14mins.

Dice up some onion, garlic and roughly chop up some portabella mushrooms, least 3 or 4 and say 50-100g butter, with salt n pepper. Cook it up bout 10mins. Then put to the side. season again.

Grab a handful of baby spinach and dice up like you would parsley.

When rice is done, put the mushroom mix with juice and spinach into the bowl with the rice and mix up. Bit more salt n pepper to taste. Got you some nice not gluggy risotto.

15min meal. Easy. incl prep. If you want meat cook up some kebabs or chicken breast to have on the side. That is what I usually do. Takes the same time.

Chef_rozigurl, Mar 19, 8:37 pm

A well made risotto is pure delight. We don't usually like rice but we both eat risotto.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 20, 4:51 am

Agree with that! Yum, go for it.

Chef_sampa, Mar 20, 4:53 am

I'll second that.

Chef_samanya, Mar 20, 5:21 am

Make one in a Thermomix in less than 30 mintues. full of flavour.

Chef_leebee35, Mar 20, 5:24 am

You are right, Risotto is very nice, Please be sure to use Arborio rice, and heat the stock before adding to the rice, in small amounts so that the rice grains absorb the stock, making it swell, allow the rise to almost dry, then add more stock, continue till the rice is almost soft, then add your cooked meat, or tinned fish. It only needs to heat though.
I make Salmon Risotto, and add the fresh salmon fillet, to the rice about 10 minutes before it is cooked.
If you are using fresh meat, ie chicken then add some time before the rice is cooked, as the meat cut up small does not take long to cook.

Chef_aj.2., Dec 11, 9:09 am

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