Cookie Press Recipes

carter441, Mar 29, 12:07am
I am wanting some tasty cookie press recipes. Can anyone help please?

rainrain1, Mar 29, 4:15am
What are they?

nauru, Mar 29, 6:43am
This is the recipe that I used over Christmas, nice flavour and the cookies freeze well too. Loved the ones with the cherry in the centre and I made some with a chocolate drop in the centre. There is also a video on making them which is rather good.

carter441, Apr 2, 10:35pm
That's fantastic - thanks very much! When you say you used a chocolate drop in the centre - did you use a chocolate button?

nauru, Apr 3, 6:52am
Yes chocolate button over the middle of the petal type cookie. Just made some more and topped some with walnuts and put choc chips on some of the round ones too. Did you watch the video, found her ideas were interesting?.

carter441, Apr 4, 1:54am
Yes - great video - thank you!

carter441, Apr 4, 1:58am
Is all purpose flour - standard grade flour please? Also, I have Natural Vanilla Essence by Hansells - is this any good or do I need to get Vanilla Extract specifically? Help please!

slimgym, Apr 5, 6:32pm
I love that, always looked at them but walked away, I notice you can pipe them might try that first
thanks for the link

nauru, Apr 6, 9:47am
Sorry carter, just seen your post. All purpose (US) is the same as plain flour. Yes you can use vanilla essence but the extract is much better.

carter441, Apr 12, 12:38am
Hey - thanks very much!

juli55, Oct 7, 11:52pm
Melting Moments recipe is the base recipe. Add cocoa, spice, ginger, anything that will go thru the holes in the biscuit press. Decorate afterwards. Makes HEAPS.

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