Paw paw or papaya, Apr 3, 8:59pm
Sorry I'm not in Auckland but our local fruit shop (Totally Fresh) sells them most of the year so I would imagine with the bigger population in Auckland you would be able to find them easily. Try ringing the large supermarkets maybe and then specialised fruit shops.

eljayv, Apr 3, 9:15pm
Fruit World shops.

lilyfield, Apr 5, 6:40am
Paw paw - papaya= same thing

nauru, Apr 5, 6:49am
Readily available at most of the Asian fruit shops.

nauru, Apr 5, 6:50am
Readily available at most of the Asian fruit shops. I also saw plenty at the Glenfield Sunday market last time I was in Auckland.

flancrest, Apr 5, 6:54am
Wrong. Paw Paw are larger than Papaya, and Papaya have a redder flesh.
Paw Paw - Nth American
Papaya - Sth American

lilyfield, Apr 5, 7:29am
You are so right, my apologies, I have learned something

awoftam, Nov 3, 4:17pm
They should be in the supermarket? We seem to get pawpaw more than papaya, which is a shame as I like papaya better - esp with fresh lime juice squeezed over nom nom nom

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