Thermomix,Who has one?

genpat, Feb 13, 4:46pm
My neighbour has one and uses it all the time.Her kids have allergies so she makes almost everything from scratch plus easy juices,soups,etc Seems to use it everyday. I always see her recipe book open on the stand. I thought it was very expensive but we are maybe just a different generation and she is much wealthier than me.

shadow16, Feb 20, 10:18am
I have a thermomix and love it! Ok it was expensive but the fact that it actually has me cooking and looking forward to trying new recipes has to be a bonus. I also make everything from scratch including milling my own spices.
No way is this a single use machine - if you are unsure I'd highly recommend you attend a demonstration and see just how much this wonder machine can do.

angel404, Feb 20, 10:44am
My friend has one and she loves hers. She's not a great cook by nature and she thinks its great coz the food she cooks in it never burns like it would on the stovetop. Plus she mills all her own bits and bobs in it as well - plus makes smoothies and what not.

genpat, Feb 20, 4:51pm
My next door neighbour has one and uses it every day.I went to a demonstration when she got it and the seller lady produced a whole 6 course menu while we watched.Seemed to have so many uses,especially for quickly making juices and stocks etc,bread dough making etc,it was too expensive for me but I would love to have one.

korbo, Feb 21, 2:49am
my daughter has had one for over a year now, and absolutly loves it and uses it many times a day. She has young children and is always making something. I love the rice risotto made in it, and fudge. I say no more.

red45, Feb 21, 6:37am
My sister enjoys using hers

edlin, Jan 2, 2:35am
If you have one,do you use it all the time and do you think it is worth the cost?

buzzy110, Jan 2, 3:56am
In the meantime while waiting for replies you could use the search function.

In the top left hand corner of this board is the search function under the heading "Message Board". Just enter thermomix in the box headed Keyword or member and use the drop down menu in the next box and click on Last Year. A number of threads will come up on this subject.

motorbo, Jan 2, 5:23am
never used one and I don't see the point in something so over priced . and I think would take away my enjoyment of cooking

jynx66, Jan 3, 1:32am
Just another single use, over-priced machine for something that can be made so simply without it.

huggy5, Jan 3, 1:39am
I know someone who sells these, she's always updating Facebook with her latest meal 'Made in the Thermomix!' and they always look a bit crap to me. Like Tuna Mornay and other semi blended, semi solid meals.
Might just be the way she cooks but for someone who sells them I've always thought her repertoire was pretty limited and I just blamed the Thermomix.
Plus it looks huge.

davidt4, Mar 2, 8:02am
Has never appealed to me. Here's a link to some reviews (which appear to be genuine, unlike many):

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