Smoothie experts, please help.

angelbabe6, Feb 4, 5:11am
I am having a tooth removed soon, and I know I won't be keen on eating for up to 48 hours after. I would like some ideas for cheap nutritious smoothies. I usually do fruit smoothies with a little milk, a generous dollop of yogurt and fruit, but I'm concerned about meeting all nutritional needs. I am seriously not keen on adding veges to it. I only have a blender to use.

pickles7, Feb 4, 5:28am
Add a quails egg to your usual smoothie recipe

biggles45, Feb 4, 5:45am
You could make a couple of soups beforehand and freeze them. Vege soup, tomato soup etc liquidise well. Reheat before use, but not too hot after tooth extraction!

nauru, Feb 4, 5:52am
As biggles said. soup is a great idea. I had lots of soup when I had a tooth out, all homemade and liquidised well. I also had juiced fresh fruit and veges along with eating yoghurt. It was a few days before I could manage solid food so the soups and juices worked well.

wildflower, Feb 4, 6:08am
I put LSA in all my smoothies.

tessie2, Feb 4, 6:21am
I was going to say that too wildflower. A scoop or 2 of protein powder is good. Makes it nice and creamy and satisfies for a long time. Coconut cream is also nutritious and filling.

sarahb5, Feb 4, 8:21am
Peanut butter, LSA, chia seeds, soy milk, etc are all good sources of protein that can be added to smoothies but gazpacho (cold soup) is refreshing and delicious as well as easy to eat

angelbabe6, Feb 4, 8:31am
What is LSA please? I've never heard of it, but I know our bin inn has chia seeds.

sarahb5, Feb 4, 8:37am
Linseed, sesame seeds and almonds

buzzybee1, Feb 7, 6:18am
It's purported to be a 'super Energy Food' and needs a the following combination ratio: (halve or quarter as needed)
3 cups linseed (also called flax seed)
2 cups sunflower seed (not sesame seed as quoted above)
1 cup raw almonds
Process in coffee grinder in batches and store in freezer. Sprinkle on breakfast, toast, soups or energy drinks.

sarahb5, Mar 21, 12:48am
Whatever - couldn't be bothered getting up to check the packet but I bow to your clearly superior knowledge. I buy the Ceres Organics packs - no idea what ratios they use - my daughter puts it in smoothies, I sometimes sprinkle it on my homemade bircher muesli - smoothies don't fill me up like "real" food you have to chew.

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