Ok ok i know my last recipe spark a bar call gengi

soundsgood2, Apr 1, 7:05pm
gengi's karhn but this recipe is sure to impress hmmmm

so he the element to as low as you can go
and don't worry you wont need pans and pots for this one
use the big steel spoon thing and kids please don't try this at home
leave the action to professionals who know what they are doing.
ok ready for next step
put a tiny amount of water onto the spoony
enough so you can feel it getting warm
now add two pinches of sugar
and turn the heat up slowly until it starts to steam
once the water has evaporated
im guessing your pretty hungry
ok if you did it right you will have a tiny spoon of h3o+sugar heatevaporate
now all you had to do was breathe in the steam
this method repeated with more water will sufficiently
take your mind of eating for a little while

rainrain1, Apr 1, 8:02pm

soundsgood2, Apr 1, 8:35pm
well this recipe is actually a starters kit to a healthier diet

kaddiew, Nov 11, 9:46am
Huh? What's a "spark a bar call gengi" ?

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